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Adguard terbaru April 2016, versi

Adguard is the world's most advanced Internet filter and ad blocker. Adguard provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet. Common ad blockers are implemented as browser extensions, while Adguard works on a network level and is not subject to all limitations which a browser impose on its extensions. Adguard features Blocking of ad and tracking requests, Cosmetic processing of the page, Website HTML code filtering, Support for all browsers, Protection from malicious ads, Ad filtering in applications like Skype and uTorrent and a lot more.

Homepage : Adguard

Whats News in version :
UI Changes
-  [Fixed] 'Upgrade license' notification is no more shown for licenses activated with beta key
-  [Fixed] Bug when some apps wouldn't show among 'filtered apps' until they are started
-  [Fixed] Latest update check time is not being updated
-  [Fixed] Pressing Alt-F4 while in Adguard tray menu will no longer result in closing the main window
Ad Blocker
-  [Fixed] K-Meleon browser is now correctly detected as installed
-  [Fixed] Unnecessary language-specific filter activation
-  [Fixed] WebRTC will no more be blocked for applications which are not in the Filtered Apps list
-  [Improved] Default HTTPs exclusions list was significantly updated
-  [Changed] Auto update mechanism
-  [Fixed] Adguard beta won't update after clicking on 'Install' button in 'About' section
-  [Fixed] MSI shows "remove settings" dialog on uninstall.
-  [Fixed] WFP driver is now uninstalled correctly on Win 10 x64
Languages and translations
-  [Fixed] "User filter" is not translated to Polish
-  [Fixed] AG code is no more injected into <"noscript">

Download Adguard for Windows | | 26,27 MB |
Download Adguard for Mac | 1.2.0 | 45,92 MB |
Download Adguard for Android | 2.1.359 | 5,35 MB |
Download Adguard for iOS | 1.0.5 | 50,8 MB |


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