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VLC Media Player terbaru Februari 2016, versi 2.2.2

VLC (formerly VideoLAN Client) adalah pemain ringan dan open source cross-platform multimedia player dan kerangka yang memainkan sebagian besar file multimedia serta DVD, Audio CD, VCD, juga memungkinkan Anda untuk menonton streaming media dari komputer remote dan server.

Dengan cepat decoding pada multi-core, GPU, dan perangkat keras mobile dan kemampuan untuk membuka lebih banyak format, terutama profesional, HD dan 10bits codec, 2.0 merupakan upgrade besar untuk VLC. Twoflower memiliki pipa baru render untuk video, dengan sub judul kualitas yang lebih tinggi, dan filter video baru untuk meningkatkan video Anda.

Download VLC Media Player 2.2.1 terbaru Januari 2016
VLC 2.2.2 for Windows x86 | 29,1 MB |
VLC 2.2.2 for Windows x64 | 29,9 MB |
VLC 2.2.2 for Mac OS | 34,6 MB | 
VLC 2.2.2 for Linux | 21,2 MB |

VLC for Android :
VLC Android 1.7.5 ARMv7 | 13,4 MB |
VLC Android 1.7.5 ARMv8 | 14,3 MB |
VLC Android 1.7.5 MIPS | 14,7 MB |
VLC Android 1.7.5 x86 | 14,4 MB |
VLC Android 1.7.5 x86_64 | 14,8 MB |
VLC Android TV 1.7.5 ARMv7 | 14,6 MB |
VLC Android TV 1.7.5 MIPS | 15,9 MB |
VLC Android TV 1.7.5 x86 | 15,5 MB |

VLC for iOS 2.7.2

VLC New Features : Changelog

Changes between 2.2.1 and 2.2.2:
 * Fix SetupFormat for continuous framesize in v4l2
 * Fix off-by-one buffer overflow in RealRtsp module
 * Fix screen recording aspect-ratio, framerate and potential crash
 * Fix Windows directshow input freeze
 * Fix MMS segmentation fault/abort when server forces a large allocation
 * Fix support for ms-dvr files
 * Fix time detection in AVI files over HTTP
 * HLS: fix hang on stop, crashes and small improvements
 * Fix mp4 NULL dereference reported by by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs
 * Fix regression for VC-1 in WMV
 * Fix MXF crashes on stop
 * Fix EAC3 detection in some TS files
 * Fix importing surface from main memory in VDPAU
 * Fix possible double-free in ADPCM decoder
 * Support 9-bit and 10-bit GBR planar formats
 * Support GoToMeeting 2 and GoToMeeting 3 codecs
 * Fix crash in teletext (zvbi) decoder
 * Fix Bluray subtitles (PGS) timestamps
Audio output:
 * Fix audio drop after a flush with pulseaudio
 * Fix audio initialization on iOS
 * Fix audio stuttering with AirPlay devices on OS X (2 sec delay needs to
   be set manually by the user)
 * Fix pulseaudio latency computation
 * Fix alsa default device selection
 * Fix video control that fails to show up
 * Fix UTF-8 conversion issues
 * Fix Unicode folders location failing to open the skins
 * Fix crash over malformed skins bitmaps
 * Fix fullscreen for Gnome3/Unity Window Managers
 * Support for OS X El Capitan
 * Fix code signature for releases on El Capitan
 * Improve resume dialog, starting time, preferences, lua extensions
 * Fix threads ordering, preferences crashes, URL drag'n drops
 * Fix crash when opening multiple items on Windows
 * Fix recent items appending when using a playlist
 * Improve addons manager dialog, playlist
 * Fix changing the audio-device in the menu
 * Fix key and mouse event support for Qt >= 5.5 under X11
 * Fix memory leaks
Video Output:
 * Fix build if one disables XCB but activate VDPAU on Unix
 * Fix Direct3D plane allocation size to avoid colour bleeding
 * Fix some crashes in swscale resizing
 * Fix build with recent FreeRDP versions
 * Fix interface crashes when input-title-format option is empty
 * Fix MP4 mux divide-by-zero crash
 * Improve PNG encoding time
 * Fix some UPnP initialization lag
 * Rewrite of the Jamendo Service Discovery
 * Fix snapshot aspect ratio for anamorphic contents
 * Fix custom snapshot sizes
 * Dynamic generation of GnuTLS Diffie-Hellman parameters
 * Fix "vb" transcoding parameter
 * Fix superfluous audio channel extraction in the core
 * Fix miscellaneous crashes, double-frees, integer overflows, infinite loops,
   read overflow, invalid frees and division by zero issues
 * Fix support for lua 5.2 and fix XSS in the http interface
 * Update and improve Soundcloud, Vimeo and Youtube scripts
 * Update of codecs and libraries to fix 3rd party security issues (like
   TALOS-CAN-0036, TALOS-CAN-0037, CVE-2015-7981, CVE-2015-8126
 * Add Kashmiri and Maithili languages
 * Update of most translations
 * Expose audio mute, cork and volume change events: libvlc_MediaPlayerCorked,
   libvlc_MediaPlayerUncorked, libvlc_MediaPlayerMuted,
   libvlc_MediaPlayerUnmuted and libvlc_MediaPlayerAudioVolume
 * Fix propagation of libvlc_MediaPlayerTitleChanged event
 * Update of most translations


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