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Maxthon Nitro

Nitro is actually an offshoot of a much older freeware browser called Maxthon, which is actually developed by a Chinese company. It debuted in 2005 under the name MyIE2 and put itself out there as a strong alternative to Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Maxthon was quickly drowned out by the popularity of both Firefox and Chrome and, to a lesser extent, Opera.


Maxthon Nitro have an edge :
• Installs and starts 3x faster than the fastest Windows PC browser – Chrome 37.
• Loads web pages 30 percent faster than Chrome 37.
• Noticeably speeds up web browsing on any Windows PC made before 2014.
• Has a clutter-free, intuitive look and feel designed expressly to make new users feel comfortable on first use.

Download Maxthon Nitro versi



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